Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What to wear for your Family Portrait | Edinburgh Portrait Photographer

Ooooh family month is just around the corner!
I can't wait to see some familiar faces and meet some brand new ones. 

So, all you organised ladies have been emailing asking about what to wear, some have been frantic, some have been sending their chosen images that I have squealed in excitement at. 

So, here is the low down on what to wear... or not.

Co-ordination is key.  Now when I say co-ordinate I mean look like your a family and not 4 randoms that met on the way to the park.  But DON'T completely match.  Everyone in Jeans and a super white T-shirt is really 80's and dated.  You want to finds something your comfortable in, that co-ordinates and compliments the rest of the families outfits.

Now, don't laugh at this next sentence.  Because, it makes 100% sense, I really promise. 
Dress to match your sofa.  Yep.  My guesses are the image you have taken will be hanging on the wall in your sitting room.  So if its decorated in beautiful creams and blues you don't want to throw off the entire look with a large portrait of your gorgeous selves all in neon orange.

Big logos, cartoon characters and tie dye? Your going to regret that image hanging on your wall in a year, never mind 10. So steer clear of those.  It can really date an image quickly.  Cartoon characters of any kind are a huge pet hate of mine.  Peppa pig is not your friend on a 20x30" canvas. 

Shoes are really important.  Little pumps are cute and comfortable, old nike trainers... whilst they might be comfy, they wont look great.  A funky pair of converse look classic or even some fun Toms.

I've made a little collage of images for those that need a little more inspiration.  I've put together some of my favourite colours for outdoor shoots.  A good colour pop is essential, you don't want to blend in with the background.

Put a spring in your step.  Yellow is great for spring summer images. 

All together in navy.  I love navy and browns.  I love stripes and the boys can wear stripes too if you like.

Aqua is a beautiful summer colour and can be teamed with pinks if you want a little pop. 

Dress up nude and natural tones.  Layers of lace with a vintage accent create a whole lot of texture and make the image really stand out.  Textures are great for black and white conversions too.

Be a little bolder and mix up a few colours?  I love a good rainbow mix.  When your using more than 2 colours try and stick to just one pattern.  Throwing stripes and polkas in there would just be distracting.   You want your family to be the main focus of the image.

Don't be scared to layer it up!  Textures rock during shoots and add a little depth to the images. 
I love statement pieces of jewellery too, sometimes it just sets off the outfit and completes the photograph.  Above all make sure everyone is comfortable.  If your little one is in a stuffy dress that she can't run around in, its going to show in the photographs.

Can't wait to meet you all and see your styling skills!

You now all have the perfect excuse to go shopping!


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